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The Best Vegan Protein Powders To Help Your Body Recover After A Workout

Get your plant-based protein fix with one of the best powders available right now


If you can’t or don’t want to use milk-based proteins to mix up a post-workout protein shake, there’s still a world of options out there for you to try. All kinds of different protein sources are used to create vegan powders, with soy, pea, hemp and rice being the most common.

Often these protein sources are combined to create a complete protein – one that has all of the essential amino acids. It’s by no means impossible to get a complete protein from animal sources, but it can be a little trickier with vegan powders, even though soy is a complete protein. Mixing a couple of different plant sources can get you what you need, however, with rice and pea a common pairing for that reason.

Aside from the protein source, vegan powders don’t really differ from animal-based options, with the usual variety of flavours available. Here are the best vegan protein powders you can buy, with the ones which really hit the mark awarded our recommended badge.

Huel Complete Protein

If you’ve ever dipped your toe into the world of meal replacement shakes, you will have come across Huel, purveyors of nutritionally complete powdered meals. Huel has now expanded its range beyond meal shakes into protein powders, and this plant-based complete protein is derived from a combination of hemp, pea and faba bean proteins.

It’s low in calories at 105 per 29g serving, but packs in 20g of protein. Even though it does not offer a complete meal, there is a nod to Huel’s original shakes with the addition of 26 essential vitamins and minerals. The powder mixes well in water to create a smooth texture which is free of grains and clumps, but the taste of the Chocolate Fudge Brownie we flavour we tried was disappointingly bland.

Buy from Huel | £50 for 754g (currently reduced to £45)

Healthspan Elite Complete Vegan Protein

A handy extra in this powder is the 2.5µg of vitamin B12 it contains in a 27g serving, because that’s 100% of your recommended daily intake of a vitamin that’s crucial for your health and virtually impossible to get enough of from a plant-based diet. Many other vitamins are also thrown into the mix, and there is 20g of protein (from brown rice, pea and pumpkin, combining to make a complete protein) in each serving. The powder is unflavoured, but you can add a flavour drop to your order for free, or just mix it into a shake with other ingredients.

Buy from Healthspan | £24.99 for 1kg

Bulk Vegan Protein Powder

Five different protein sources are used in this powder – pea, brown rice, pumpkin seed, flaxseed and quinoa flour – with the total protein per 35g serving clocking in at a solid 22.9g. There’s an exciting range of flavours too, including lesser-spotted options like white chocolate coconut or apple strudel alongside mainstays like vanilla. We found the shakes created were pretty thick and gloopy, so not ideal if you like to chug one straight after an intense workout, but the taste is the subject of hot debate in the office. One tester said they were on point, with apple strudel the stand-out, while the best another could say about their “favourite” flavour – chocolate mint – was that it tasted “like the ghost of a good shake”.

Buy from Bulk | £24.99 for 1kg

Protein Works Vegan Wondershake

Protein Works justifies the name of this powder by saying it’s managed to avoid the graininess and earthy flavours common to vegan shakes, so we’d better start there. It is still rather grainy and will probably appeal more to those who opt to chug their protein shake after a workout than to those who savour it. Still, the nutritional numbers help to redeem this powder: there’s 21g of protein (pea, soy, hemp and rice) per 25g serving, plus a mere 0.6g of sugar and 0.7g of fat. This all results in a shake with an impressively low calorie count of just 89 if mixed with water.

Buy from Protein Works | £37.99 for 750g

Gorilla Juice

The blurb on this powder is perhaps the most hyperbolic we’ve come across for a protein powder, promising an “insanely juicy protein hit” and finishing with the shouty “NO LIES AND NO HALF MEASURES”. The powder itself contains 18g of protein in a 25g serving, provided by brown rice and peas, along with a 14-strong list of superfoods. The actual shake is a little thick and the juiciness is kept within distinctly sane parameters in our opinion, but it’s not unpleasant.

Buy from Gorilla Juice | £31.99 for 750g

TRR Vegan Protein

There are three vegan protein sources used in this powder – peas (standard), pumpkins (pretty standard) and sunflowers (hello!). The trio form a complete protein source and provide 20.7g of the stuff per 32g serving. The powder mixes very easily in water, and although it does have the slightly mealy texture you get with almost all the vegan powders we’ve tried, the chocolate flavour is tasty enough. Which is fortunate, because that’s the only flavour currently available.

Buy from TRR Nutrition | £29.99 for 960g (currently reduced to £14.99)

Myvegan Clear Vegan Protein

We’re fans of Myprotein’s Clear Whey Protein, so we’re pleased to see the spin-off Myvegan brand has announced a vegan version.The powder mixes with water to create a refreshing alternative to the typically thick, smoothie-like protein shake. We love the Strawberry flavour, which tastes sweet and fruity like a glass of squash. There’s 10g of hydrolysed pea protein per serving, which might seem paltry but the serving size is 16g which makes for a reasonable ratio, although you’ll find better on this list. Each serving also contains only 57 calories, 1g of sugar and 2.9g of carbohydrate.

Buy from Myprotein | £22.99 for 320g

USN Green 100% Plant Protein

This powder combines three protein sources – pea, rice and hemp – for a decent 23g of protein per 30g serving, and the inclusion of vitamin B12 and iron gives this powder something else to shout about. The shake itself creates quite a substantial amount of foam that sits awkwardly on top of the drink, but otherwise is fairly pleasant. The vanilla maple flavour is a winner, with clear maple notes that help it stand out from other vanilla flavoured shakes.

Form Performance Protein

The nutritional stats on the back of this powder are truly top-notch, the kind of numbers that would make it a really great Top Trump card if there’s ever a vegan protein powders version of the game made (fingers crossed). Each 40g serving contains 30g of protein, sourced from organic peas, brown rice, hemp and algae, and there’s a mere 154 calories and 0.1g of sugar in a shake. To top it all off, there’s one billion CFU (colony-forming units) of probiotics – good luck besting that in Top Trumps! The powder also mixes well, but we did find the tiramisu flavour a tad sweet. Every card has to have a weakness.

Buy from Form | £26 for 520g

Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild Recovery

There’s only 11g of protein in a serving of this shake but that’s because it’s aimed at endurance athletes looking to recover and replenish their energy reserves after a long session, rather than beefcakes trying to build bigger muscles in the gym. That means there’s also a load of carbohydrates and electrolytes thrown into the mix. A hefty 43g of carbs, in fact, mostly sugars to restock your glycogen reserves, as well as 433mg of sodium to replace what you will have lost in sweat.

Buy from Tailwind | £29-£32 for 911g

Myvegan Vegan Protein Blend

The hitherto unseen (by us, anyway) combo of peas and fava beans creates a complete protein source in this powder, which provides 22g of protein per 30g serving. We were impressed by how well it mixed, with no lumps at all, but less so by the earthy flavour of the turmeric latte shake we tried. There’s a good range of other flavours to try, however, including coffee and walnut, and the ever-reliable chocolate.

Buy from Myvegan | £14.99 for 500g

Awesome Supplements Awesome Vegan Protein

So awesome they named it twice, and they were right to do so. All three flavours hit the mark, with chocolate salted caramel standing out. Pea and rice protein are combined to account for (depending on the flavour) between 21.6g and 22.8g of protein per serving. The calorie count is kept low at just 109 for the 30g serving of chocolate salted caramel and choc and nut, and 133.7 calories for the 35g serving of vanilla. If you’re limiting your carb intake, avoid the vanilla version (which has 8.3g) and go for the other two which have a minuscule 1.56g per 30g serving.

Buy from Awesome Supplements | £28 for 1.2kg

FitDelis The Power

We’re big fans of the mixed berry flavour because it mixes easily to create a far lighter shake than you normally get, making it a more refreshing option after a hard workout. The protein is sourced from pea and hemp to make up a complete protein, and there’s 19g in a 30g serving, which also contains just 4g of carbs (1g of sugars) and 2g of fats, as well as 500mg of omega 3 and 100mg of omega 6 fatty acids.

Buy from FitDelis | £28 for 600g

Stealth Vegan Recovery Protein

This recovery drink is designed to be used after long bouts of cardio exercise like running and cycling, so alongside the 20g of protein (sourced from pea and rice) per 50g serving, it also contains 19.5g of carbs to replenish your energy reserves. It also has electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat.

Buy from Stealth | £25 for 660g

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